About The Board Tech

I have over two years of experience with board level repairs on smartphones, Macbooks, and other electronic devices. I have a very broad background of repair experience, ranging from board repairs for CNC machinery all the way to removing and replacing a faulty backlight on an iPhone LCD. I have replaced phone screens on almost all consumer smartphones, replaced screens on hundreds of different laptops, repaired countless computers with various issues, both software and hardware, and much more. If you have any electronics you’d like to see working again, I’d be happy to take a look at them.

Where did the name come from?

The Board Tech. When I worked for my previous employer before branching out on my own, there were always certain phones or computers that came into the shop that were more stubborn than others. Quite frequently, rather daring individuals would find a way to permanently turn off their devices, whether it was from taking their phone scuba diving with them or running it over with a car, there was never any shortage of devices that needed board repairs. That’s when they showed up on my desk with a note that said “do board stuff” or “they let the magic smoke out”, and sure enough it was my job to put that magic smoke back where it belongs. After some time, any time a device in such bad shape came in they would pass it on to the board tech. After being known as the board tech by my customers and coworkers, the name stuck and I’ve gone with it ever since.